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NTCSOS Professional Services

New Technology & Consulting Special Oilfield Services (NTCSOS) is a specialized Well Integrity Service Company. Our specialists totalizing over 80 years of oil and gas experience from different areas across the globe (North Africa, West Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Europe) are ready to provide you with the optimum and most cost-effective solutions for all your well integrity concerns


Well Integrity is an area that is requiring more and more attention, especially with aging well stock. It has also become the focus of the governments of most oil & gas producing countries which are now requesting from all operators to have a well integrity program to prove their active wells are healthy and the abandoned wells are abandoned in an effective way that does not compromise the HSE requirements.


NTCSOS main Services include:


  • Consultancy services for building Well Integrity Management systems from scratch

  • Consultancy services for complex well integrity related issues

  • Designing and conducting well integrity related investigations and providing solutions based on the findings

  • Consultancy services related to risk assessment, risk ranking and building risk matrix

  • Consultancy services on well integrity software selection

  • Conducting well integrity related audits

  • Consultancy services for calculating/recalculating MAASP for large number of wells

  • Provision of onsite Well Integrity trainings, workshops and seminars

  • Provision of online short trainings

  • Wellhead maintenance and surface integrity testing services

New Technology & Consulting Special Oilfield Services (NTCSOS) 

NTCSOS provides Oil & Gas industry Well Integrity services and solutions along with qualified and experienced personnel .
Our services and solutions are innovative and cost effective.



NTC SOS Services
12, rue Boumendjel Alger.
Phone: 0542 16 32 87
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